Sunday, 20 January 2008


There are many victims of scams,whether it be on the net,in a shop or even outside their own front door's.It's ridiculous because some of them are so obvious and people still get sucked in.
It's not fair on those innocent victims, because to be honest you'd rather lose your money by chucking it in a fire than to hand it over to those f***ing scammer's.Remember,if anything sounds dodgy,it probably is,too good to be true,probably is,my advice,leave it!.But go and report it because you may just save another potential victim from losing their hard earned cash.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

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Nintendo wii

In the uk,the wii's are currently under high demand.My brother bought one for £210,that was including a mario game but today at a shop called cex,they are buying the console alone for £217 and then selling it on for about £290.Originally a wii was priced at £180 but even on ebay,they are currently priced at £200 or more used and new.It is quite unbelievable.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Football players

Are football(soccer) players paid ridiculous wages? compared to a normal working class citizen.

Is it an outrage that english premier league players earn thousands and thousands of pounds a week?Some players are earning £20k a week and others are earning almost a £100k or more A WEEK!!!.

An average working class man/woman proably earns between 20k to 50k a year.This is a guess but i think you get my drift.Now i am a passionate lover of sport but come on!!!,football is no longer a sport,it is a business which peope manipulate to their own advantage,

Now,if i was a high flying rich b***h,i wouldn't complain but to the average man or woman it is a big deal because some can't even afford to keep a roof over their head.

And these money maniacs ponce around in their private jets and go to their celebrity filled parties with their over priced bubbly and posh named food.And this is while we work our ten hour shift,six days a week earning a poxy six quid an hour and then sit at home and curl up on our broken sofa's with our mugs of cheap cocoa and maybe a chocolate cookie watching a boring soap.And they jump around about how they have a hard time.

Others are worse off but compared to them we're poor.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Does money make people happy?

I don't think money makes people happy,if anything it can have the opposite effect?

But what do you think?

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Money drives people mad!!!!

Money,we can't live without it but sometimes we can't even live with it!.

When you've got it,you're tempted to spend it on useless junk which you'll probably never even use and then when you don't have it,you try everything to get some because you need to live on it.But what can you do?.Money is money.I told you,it drives you barking mad!.

Now,I know it is difficult to save money,especially when you've seen that new plasma tv or that gorgeous fluorescent dress in the shop window but you've got to remember,Is it really worth spending good money on something so useless when you could save it and put it towards something bigger,better and much more worthwhile.

I chose to blog about money because everyone needs it and almost everyone is talking about it.There are scammers conning people,honest working individuals not earning half as much as they should do and then there's the lucky ones who just happen to always have it in the palm of their hand.

I am always trying to earn money because i want to have a successful business one day,i'm a long way off that but as the saying goes,"you just try and try again until you succeed".As I said i want to be successful one day and i just want to create a happy,healthy and comfortable future for my family,just like everyone else.

But for this i need to make money.